Recognising Emotional Trauma Symptoms

Symptoms may include behavior changes such asextremeirritability, heightened anxiety, angry outbursts, negativity, fixated and irrational thoughts, loss of sleep, loss of concentration and/or depression. People with pre-existing mental or emotional health conditions could find their symptoms becoming further compounded.

  • Recognize you or someone else has a problem and needs help.
  • Know that you can and will get better – it’s a mind battle.
  • Talk to your family about it. You will need their support.
  • Seek professional help if necessary.
  • Take care of your physical self. Sound sleep is possibly the most important healer.
  • Shower in the morning and wear your best clothes.
  • Don’t watch TV programs, news channels or engage in social media content that will cause additional stress.
  • Listen to music which lifts your mood.
    Watch videos which will inspire you.
  • Focus on your spiritual self and prayers. There is no being higher than the creator, to help us through difficult times.
  • Practice yoga or meditation. – It helps calm the mind.
  • Steer clear of emotional vampires who will add to your stress.
  • Remember and talk about the good times.
  • Steer clear of problems that are not on the critical path.
  • Banish ANTs – Automatic negative thoughts from your mind.
  • It’s hard to concentrate so do not take on too much office
    work or give it to people who have recently recovered.

About the author

Rubina Jamal is a Management Consultant with an M.Sc. in Industrial Psychology and a Masters’ degree in Psychology. She is the founder and CEO of Insolito Associates.
She is happiest when she is up in the mountains facilitating community building sessions. She looks forward to retiring there one day and writing travel stories for children.

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