Assessment Services


No increase in headcount, no need for new products, just the same people working more in tune with organizational goals to have a positive effect on the bottom line.

Research has shown that the top 25% of your employees deliver up to 3.4 times their salary or 70% more to the organization than
the average performer.

So, where does that leave the other 75% of people in your company?

Absenteeism, attrition and poor performance could combine to be one of the highest costs, or indeed the highest cost, faced by your company.

We believe that the science of objective assessment when used as a selection tool or as a development tool,will make a real and long lasting difference to your organization.
Delivered through a cost effective, fair,open and transparent process it will help drive the performance of your people
towards the top 25%. Our competency based assessment centers provide you with a comprehensive report which enables clients to compare performance across the group. We also provide a competency development plan and training needs for each attendee.


  • Recruiting the best people
  • Automating your recruitment process
  • Reducing wasted interviewing time
  • Minimizing recruitment costs
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Need based training
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved managerial performance
  • Transparent and fair assessment system