Consultancy Services

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Culture Building

GOAL: To facilitate the formation of a Mission, Vision, Values and Strategy in line with world class organizations. Our partnership not only includes the formation but also more importantly the roll out and communication throughout the organization. The key focus here is to make the behaviors and targets specific and measurable and ensure that the entire organization is committed to delivering their objectives and living the values.


Change Management

GOAL: To create an awareness of the importance of change in today’s competitive environment. Teams of change agents are selected and trained to identify and rectify areas of waste, rework and process inefficiencies. Consultancy support is extended to monitor their results and course correct where necessary


Strategic Planning

GOAL: To assist clients in formulating their strategic plan for the year. This facilitation also accompanied by the necessary support and training required for turning strategy into action.


Quality Customer Service

GOAL: External customer satisfaction has a direct correlation with internal customer satisfaction. This survey is designed to study the efficiency of departments as suppliers of services to other departments. It not only holds departments accountable for their level of service but more importantly gives them specific feedback for improvement. Add onto this some incentives and you have teams vying to improve their internal customer service levels – a very powerful tool to improve organizational efficiency.

External Customer Review:

Organizations in their day to day business often forget to focus on the needs of the customers. It becomes easier to assume that they already know their customers needs and are doing the best job to keep their customers happy. Frequently organizations try to gather information through customer complaints. However, research shows that only one out of five angry customers take the trouble to complain. The rest just stop doing business or complain about you to people outside the organization.
We train teams to select the service dimensions which are critical to the success of their business and to actively elicit feedback from current customers, potential customers and lost customers. Using this information they then select improvement projects and are able to improve customer retention and satisfaction in quantifiable terms.


Human Resource Development

Assessment Centers:

GOAL: Enlightened employers go to great lengths to match people and jobs. We spend between a quarter and a third of our time at work, so it is very much in our own interest to spend this time in a job to which we are well suited, gives us satisfaction and enables us to make a real contribution to the success of the organization. Using a combination of different activities our team of qualified psychologists and professionals help clients identify their team’s key competencies, strengths and areas of development. We also rank the participants thus identifying the top performers.

Psychometric & Ability Testing:

GOAL: No organization can succeed only on the basis of their products and services. Performance excellence is critical to their success. The objective of our selection process is to match the individual’s abilities and personality to the right jobs. Competencies are objectively assessed to identify an individual’s potential to perform a job.
At Insolito the use of psychometric testing helps you to reduce staff turn over, improve performance and the creation of a motivated and capable workforce.

Talent Management:

GOAL: In today’s global economy, there are no boundaries for talent. The hunt is on…. The biggest challenge for small and large organizations alike is to retain their talent and keep them motivated. We are happy to work with you to put in systems which ensure that all high achievers have a clearly marked path for growth whether it is through promotions or other forms of career enhancement.

Performance Development Process:

GOAL: To work with clients to develop effective Appraisal Instruments that set challenging targets and measure relevant competencies. In the second phase we run workshops to explain the system, the criteria used as well as coaching and counseling skills. The objective is to make coaching and feedback a way of life in the organization, not just a one off activity.

Leadership Development through the 360 Degree Appraisal System:

GOAL: 360 degree feedback is a method and tool that provides each employee with performance feedback from his or her supervisor, peers/ co-workers, reporting team members, customers as well as a self evaluation. If implemented professionally, it enables staff to serve internal and external customers better and develop their own professional abilities.The success of this system depends on building a coaching culture where people are receptive to feedback and use the opportunity to grow as leaders. Experience has shown that using external consultants for this purpose makes the initiative less threatening and people are more open to giving and receiving feedback from a third party. It takes away the threat of personal biases and fear of lack of confidentiality.We provide the instruments for evaluation, conduct and collate the evaluations, as well as provide on going coaching at an individual level to help employees improve their performance.


Occupational Health and Wellness

GOAL: Our expertise in occupational Health and Medicine enables us to review your current services and perform gap analysis to suggest improvements. We are focused on our client’s needs and will help you achieve the results you want as well as guide you to be the market leaders in taking care of your employees.

Noise Conservation and Health Impact


Training Objectives

This course aims to provide a complete update on the background of noise assessment, policy of conservation, impact on health and how it can be measured and reduced. This workshop can be tailored to both a non-medical and medical audience with changes in course content according to the needs of the client.




  • Review of structure and function How the ears works
  • Pathology of Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and differential diagnosis
  • Optional for medical participants.
  • Introduction to Audiometers– How to examine the ears.
  • Using an audiometer– Pre-test questionnaires, interpretation of audiograms
  • Interpretation and evaluation of audiograms
  • Noise Measurements, Limits and Health impact– Explanation of control limits for exposure to noise in the workplace and how it affects health.
  • Hearing Protection in the workplace– What can be done to reduce noise in the workplace. Basics of a hearing conservation program.

Employee Assistance Program

The increasing challenges of  modern life, productivity at  work and maintaining a happy and healthy balance with family life is the reason for this program. Multinationals globally recognize the need to provide a support network to their employees so that when they are under pressure at work or at home their performance does not undergo a major shift. This means managing sickness at work, absenteeism, presenteeism by providing an company supported program to help employees cope with stresses to manage their lives better.
This program can be rolled out as a workshop  once a policy on Employee Assistance has been worked out and the program has been decided by management.




  • What is an Employee Assistance Program?
  •  How it works and improves quality of life for employees.
  •  Case histories.
  •  Identifying personal stress and why different people respond differently.
  •  Defence mechanisms.
  •  Coping strategies and hands on practical sessions.
  •  Organizational  psychology.


Performance Assessment and Team Building

GOAL: To assess in measurable terms, issues faced by the teams. Based on this, training interventions are customized. Consultatively a decision is made on whether team building or team bonding is required. The former focuses more on the tools to work successfully together as a team while the Team Bonding session is usually an Outward Bound Program. The participants are taken to a location away from the city forcing them out of their comfort zone. They try new experiences as a team and learn more about each other as individuals.

The idea is to build a community and as in communities each person learns to share the burden and work together as a family would – looking out for each other. Much of this is based on M. Scott Peck’s work. Tangible commitments are made and follow up sessions scheduled to track improvements or unresolved issues.