Corporate Services



Management Excellence

GOAL: To develop general management skills which will be of use to top management
in formulating and implementing corporate policies.



  • Management vs. Leading
  • Planning and organizing
  • Written and oral communication
  • Situational feedback and coaching
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Time management and wellness
  • Motivating oneself
  • Delegating effectively
  • Problem solving


Advanced Management Excellence

GOAL: Building a culture of “entrepreneurs”, awakening the entrepreneur in everyone, within the context of a dynamic team.



  • Coaching and counseling
  • Building high performing teams
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress management
  • Motivating and developing others
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Sales and negotiation skills
  • Building a total quality service culture


Team Building

GOAL: Fostering teamwork is a top priority for many leaders.
The benefits are clear: increased productivity, improved customer service, more flexible systems, employee empowerment. But is the vision clear? To effectively implement teams, leaders need a clear picture of the seven elements high-performance teams have in common.



  • Commitment
  • Contribution
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Conflict Management
  • Change Management
  • Connections


Outward Bound

GOAL: Based on M. Scott Peck’s work, this program is designed to take teams to the ultimate level of working and thinking like a community. Teams are taken on mountain treks or similar physically challenging expeditions. Finding themselves outside their comfort zone catalyzes the readiness and need to support each other at the deepest level.
Challenging and fun – but with invaluable lessons.



  • Sharing
  • Pseudo Community
  • Chaos
  • Emptiness
  • Genuine Communities
  • Masks
  • Caring


Occupational Health and Wellness


Specialized medical assessment services


  • Fitness to work including pre employment examinations,
  • Health monitoring and health surveillance ,
  • Corporate health promotion programs
  • Lifestyle and weight management.

We will perform or supervise the services required as well as provide you telephonic support around the clock.

Advisory service on developing health policies and operating procedures. 


  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Fitness to work including pre employment examinations
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy
  • Setting up Emergency Medical Care
  • Preparation for an International Assignment
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Health Impact Assessment
  • Travel Safe- A guide for the Oil and Gas Professional
  • Prevention of Heat Related Health Problems
  • Management of Chronic Diseases in an Aging Workforce
  • Blood borne Pathogens
  • Program for training of Field Doctors
  • Noise conservation and Health impact
  • Dust and Lung function testing.
  • Management of disease outbreaks
  • Pandemics and communicable diseases
  • Impact assessments for Lead, Benzene, Hydrogen sulphide, Asbestos.


These include the core occupational health trainings as well as our special employee assistance in mental health.


  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Manual Handling Training
  • First Aid
  • Health Audits for managers.


Coaching and Counseling Skills

GOAL:Any approach to developing management skills must involve a heavy dose of practical application. At the same time, practice without the necessary conceptual knowledge is sterile and ignores the need for flexibility and adaptation to different situations.


By the end of the workshop the participants will learn to: 


  • Differentiate between individual styles and how they influence teamwork
  • Employ praise and reprimand as effective tools to shape a persons behavior and self image
  • Select appropriate coaching or counseling strategies during a feedback session
  • Identify gaps in performance for his/her reports
  • Consultatively, in a feedback session explore various options for improvements and growth
  • Create an emotional buy-in for improvement during a coaching session
  • Identify the factors which prevent the successful implementation of 360 degree appraisals
  • Identify and utilize the most effective coach for themselves
  • Motivate self and others through greater self awareness and a better understanding of what makes people “tick”
  • Learn to deal with difficult interpersonal situations at work, with fairness and firm


Selling Skills

GOAL:You’ll discover how to skyrocket your sales volume by combining powerful selling techniques with cutting-edge psychology necessary to become an exceptional sales professional.

Research shows that trust is critical to successful selling. When trust is present, clients are more likely to schedule your appointments sooner….. discuss needs and buying habits ….. and inform you about future plans.

You will learn how your customers buy, and also how to let your clients sell to themselves. In fact, you’ll discover more about your prospects in five minutes than you previously could in two weeks. If you want to build trust, improve rapport, increase your closing ratio…. and double your sales volume……Selling to Win will make it happen!

You will:


  • Learn how to gain instant rapport with the client.
  • Build desire and expectancy in any prospect.
  • Create a powerful sales personality.
  • Reframe objectives into opportunities.
  • Discover surefire ways to close.
  • Be able to follow up the sale and convert customers into advocates.
  • Have a sales system used by the world’s best.
  • Be able to organize individual and team selling for increased market share.


The Power Of Human Motivation

GOAL: This is the most important step toward taking charge of your personal realm of possibility. In fact, every year highly motivated individuals, teams and companies push beyond “possibility” into accomplishment previously believed to be impossible. Underdogs win. World records fall. Production records, sales records, quarterly earnings, out-run all predictions. And the universal factor found in all cases of uncommon success is a high degree of motivation.

The Power of Human Motivation is a program created to bring together for the first time the best documented scientific research on this fascinating subject. And to show you how it applies in your everyday life.


  • Overcome “learned helplessness” in yourself and others
  • Create mental maps that guarantee motivation and arrival of your goals
  • Improve your imagination and use it to fire up motivation
  • Visualize your self-esteem and make it work for you
  • Seek out challenges that will enhance your abilities
  • Allocate your resources of time and energy to stay on track
  • Frame problems so that their solutions become clearer
  • Maintain motivation through the toughest conditions


Performance Analysis and Counseling Skills


GOAL: To successfully implement a PA system wherein the Supervisor, through clear and regular feedback, and the employees achieve a balance between the organization’s needs and the employee’s aspirations, needs and values.



  • Effective Communication
  • Performance Analysis
  • Feedback
  • Helping
  • Coaching
  • Management Knowledge
  • Self-knowledge
  • Designing PA systems that are proper development systems


Negotiating the Double Win

GOAL: Everyday you negotiate something in both your business and your personal life. Everybody is negotiating all the time. So the question isn’t whether you are a negotiator or not. The important question is: How good a negotiator are you? Now you can learn the principles, techniques and tactics of the masters.



  • Using language with precision
  • Understanding underlying messages
  • Dealing with surprise and anger
  • Building relationships while negotiating
  • Principles, techniques and tactics of master negotiators on an international level
  • Developing the best attitude for negotiation
  • Negotiating as a three step recurring and dynamic process
  • Empathize with the other side and see conflict from their point of view
  • Ten techniques that work in reconciling any and all differences between people
  • How to negotiate anything anywhere
  • The critical core of all situations: persuading, selling and gaining
  • Verbal skills that break down resistance
  • Gambits and stratagems to be ready for

These secrets and techniques have been worth literally millions of dollars to clients, governments – even world leaders!


Presentation Skills

GOAL: This practical program helps you replace your fear of speaking in public with confidence and a powerful stage presence. Learn how to analyze your audience, structure your presentation and deliver your speech with optimum effect. Vocal exercises, body language and relaxation techniques also help you to speak without fear.



  • What communication really is?
  • The art of listening
  • The Socratic method of persuasion
  • Dynamics of a good presentation
  • Five steps to presentation power
  • Physiology
  • Voice Modulation
  • The use of humor
  • Managing different audiences
  • Capturing attention
  • Building to a crescendo
  • Communicating with congruence and credibility
  • Enthralling an audience: the final challenge


Delivering Quality Customer Service

GOAL: Every time you make contact with a customer, you’re practicing customer service and building a relationship. How you handle that contact makes a measurable difference to your bottom line. Learn how to achieve a “win-win” outcome in every customer encounter, strengthen ties by increasing the breadth of needs satisfied …. and even identify and capture your best prospects while reducing lead generation costs.

Packed with proven ideas; interaction; video feedback and revealing case histories, Delivering Quality Customer Service gives you a look inside today’s top customer service-oriented companies. The approaches outlined in this program helped a leading cellular company improve its quality ratings 20%, a leading cosmetics line increase yearly revenues by $3.4 million and much more!



  • Change in management style
  • A new image
  • Better response to market pressure
  • Strengthened customer service
  • Enhanced quality
  • Improved team building
  • Prospecting for long-term relationships – not sales
  • Creating a highly profitable referral system
  • Cross-selling to customers
  • Overcoming the “information float” and beating competitors to the order
  • Seeing customer conflicts as opportunities
  • Converting dissatisfaction into loyalty
  • Defusing hostility and using transactional analysis to resolve conflicts
  • Prospecting for relationships – not sales
  • Accelerating relationships with follow up
  • Vitalizing and personalizing relationships
  • How to improve and learn from relationships in all areas of life


Business Writing Skills

Gain excellence in the written word. Learn to write:


  • With clarity, conciseness and elegance
  • Persuasive missives that grip the reader
  • Memos that enlist cooperation
  • Sales letters that sizzle
  • Replies that defuse anger and re-win loyalty
  • Letters that “win friends and influence people”
  • Company communication that imparts, instructs and inspires



Today’s era of rapid growth and the information explosion have shown us just how powerful the human mind’s potential is for growth, expansion and increased levels of concentration on all the thinking skills and techniques for unleashing your mind’s true genius!



  • Benefit from the very latest discoveries in whole-brain research
  • Accelerate learning
  • “Magnetize” your mind to access vital information effortlessly
  • See only the facts you need with the “Active Reading System”
  • Put the joy of learning back into your life
  • Use your brain more effectively by knowing how it really works
  • Be able to generate breakthrough ideas
  • Amplify innovation and creative “newness”
  • Use six proven steps to communicate faster and more efficiently
  • Become more “proactive” by seeing the future through both analysis and intuition
  • Solve problems faster

You can work smarter, learn faster and think better. All you have to do is harness your true thinking powers by activating the natural genius you already have within you.


The Ultimate ….. Train the Trainer

GOAL: Create world class trainers or become one. Learn the skills that allow Brain Tracey to be the world’s foremost sales trainer; Tony Robbins to be America’s most sought after self development trainer; Leo Buscaglia to hold 10,000 people spellbound with no visual aids or props, and Denis Waitely to earn standing ovations the world over. Drawn from NLP modeling of the training imparted to trainers by these giants, learn to enthrall and educate any audience. Learn the principles of “Transformational Learning”, whereby participants are put into real world simulations that oblige them to change during the workshop in order to learn.

Learn the latest in training games, and get an overview of the major Outward Bound type programs and their strengths and weaknesses. Discover the Enriching Self-Esteem program that is revolutionizing schools and workplaces alike and how to impart it to your community.



  • Course design
  • Course objective development
  • Training needs analysis
  • Training set up
  • Types of manuals
  • Presenting with power
  • Energy management
  • Personal congruence
  • Structuring a course
  • Creating training games and simulations
  • Utilizing input and interaction
  • Injecting freshness
  • Being natural
  • Leaving an impact
  • Tracking and follow up

Join a select cadre of true training professionals who can lay a claim to international excellence.


Wellness: Living Vitality

GOAL: Today’s cutting-edge discoveries on how the mind affects the body reveal that your mind can be responsible for the condition of your well-being …from good health to many of the aches, pains, colds and other challenges to your wellness.

Right now, you posses the power and resources to maintain your good health and generate peak performance.



  • Causes of stress, what it is and why?
  • Effects and problems arising due to stress
  • Executive stress and how to banish it
  • Your stress score: distress into eustress, pressure into power!
  • Living physical vitality
  • Tackling addictions
  • The relaxation response
  • Psychological coping strategies
  • Organizational strategies to promote wellness

Now you can create your own extraordinary vibrancy and health. This program puts you in immediate control of your physical and mental well-being with the proven secrets of lifelong vitality, including: the benefits of maximum oxygen, how to get the most from the foods you eat, how to live at peak levels, how to thrive on pressure, how to exercise for optimum results and more! Learn the wellness secrets of top world performers who excel consistently while radiating health. An excellent way to preserve and enhance the human resource pool of any progressive organization dedicated to lessening illness, absenteeism, and amplifying productivity, enthusiasm and zest.


  • This course is a natural adjunct to Humor in the Work Place


Conflict Resolution / Rules of Fair Fighting

Conflicts are an inevitable part of human interactions be it in business relations or personal ones. We cannot avoid conflicts but we can learn the skills to resolve conflicts successfully and effectively. Learn the art of dealing with difficult people and situations in a competent and confident manner which will not only save the day but strengthen your business relationships for future success.



  • Defining Conflict
  • Different ways of handling conflicts
  • Understanding the underlying issues
  • Separating people from problems
  • Dealing with emotions and staying in control
  • Communicating to Win
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Successful Negotiation Skills
  • Dealing with difficult people


Diversity Awareness

GOAL: Creating a workplace that is aware of and respects the broad spectrum of human diversity is imperative for competitive organizations today. This interactive course increases the participants understanding of all aspects of diversity and begins the process for dialogue and working together productively. Special emphasis is placed on providing the skills and competencies you need for working with multicultural, inclusive teams by exploring awareness of differences: race, gender, age, religion, national origin, thinking styles, and other workplace differences.

The central objective is to support an understanding of positive human interaction- the principles and laws relating to equality, diversity and harassment.



  • Developing personal awareness of diversity issues and their impact in the work place
  • Understanding the difference between culture and workforce diversity.
  • Dimensions of diversity
  • Assumptions, impressions, and personal responsibility
  • Benefits of diversity
  • Communication skills to enhance diversity in the workplace
  • Equality policies
  • Why diversity initiatives fail
  • How to make your diversity initiatives succeed
  • Tools for becoming a Diversity Change Agent



Bunker Exercise: The teams work on the assumption that they are the only escapees in a bunker while the rest of the world perishes. They have to select 5 more people to join them from amongst a very diverse group such as a crippled biologist, a blind speech therapist, an atheist doctor etc. After individual selections they do a team selection. The ensuing discussion highlights how different qualities may be perceived positively OR negatively by the same group and the many qualities which we tend to miss as individuals.
Team Wheel: High performance teams are made up of individuals with different work style preferences which complement each other’s roles. Participants identify their own work style preference and thereby learn to appreciate the need for diversity to create powerful and successful teams.